1. tracking on apple mail using suite

tracking on apple mail using suite

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Ed Haddon asked 4 months ago

Hello I have just signed up really to use the tracking option
I use apple mail as the interface and gsuite to deliver my email using my own domain edhaddon.com
I have tried to use tracking, but even when I disable the automatic tracking the option to track box does not show up in the subject line
I I automate it in preferences in mailbox then there are no ticks showing on my sent emails

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Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Ed,
thanks for contacting us. Please try solving the issue by activating the Apple Mail plugins. To find out how to activate the plugins, please follow the instructions provided here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/how-to-activate-apple-mail-plug-ins-in-macos-mojave/
If afterwards you are still experiencing issues, we kindly ask you to please send your inquiry to support@mailbutler.io. Thank you!

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