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Tasks and Notes list in Apple Mail

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zac moaveni asked 4 months ago

Hi there,
Is there anyway to see a list of Tasks and Notes from within Apple Mail (without having to log in to Mailbutler dashboard)?
This would be extremely helpful in terms of seeing a schedule of tasks at a glance.
Also when viewing the Tasks/Notes list within the Dashboard, the original email link sometimes appears to be broken.

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Claire Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello Zac. 
Thank you for writing to us. 
The only place to see a full list of Notes and Tasks is either on the Dashboard, or from the Companion App, on your Menu Bar. (If you are using Mailbutler on Apple Mail). 
I’m sorry that the email links are malfunctioning for you. This is something that a few users have reported, and the developers are already working on it. 

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