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Suggestions to enhance usability

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Raul José Magalhães Alves asked 5 months ago

During my use of Mailbutler, I have found some issues that decrease my productivity regarding to some tools, in advance if the suggestions already exists, I ask for instructions.
It would be interest to have ways to filter emails that have follow-up task directly on mail, in order to make the workflow faster, and an idea would be use smartmailbox with the option of select the email marked with follow (could use all the functions like read, reply,etc).
It would be very useful to have an icon in Mail that send us directly to Mailbutler site, as today the only way I see how to do this is opening the website old-fashioned way.
In some mail templates I have the need to include the current date in subject (i.e. Project report – 01/17/20) and I can only to this manual , is there a way to automate.
As I have already told, if those issues already have solution please let me know, otherwise it would affect very positively (in my point of view) the usability of the application.
Best regards,

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Claire Staff answered 4 months ago

Thank you very much for your input, Raul. I will pass these suggestions on to the developers. 

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