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Sergey asked 4 months ago

Hi there! Recently my team and I personally started using your application and telling that we love it is telling nothing, it’s really a great tool. Still, I didn’t notice that your software is not freeware, and the trial period will end. 
Can you tell me if there is a chance to cooperate with you in a way of showing your company as ane of the sponsors of the charity project or non-profits and to receive a full functioning app for some time? 

If you could share your contact, I’d gladly text and discuss the details.

Thanks for your great work!
Best regards,

2 Answers
Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello Sergey,
Please send this inquiry to support@mailbutler.io . I will be happy to talk to you there.

Sergey answered 4 months ago

Thanks, Julia. We discussed everything with Claire already. Everything is solved.Have a nice day!

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