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Signature template : Houzz icon and button

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Paul Sechi asked 4 months ago

Hi there, I am trying to create my email signature and whilst you have many social media platforms in the form of a pull down menu option, I was looking for an option to create a button for my Houzz account.  Likewise my website address is listed but there is no website icon showing, just FB and Twitter.
What can I do to create those icons and is there a video tutorial to follow?
Regards,  Paul

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Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Paul,
If you’re not seeing the social media options or icons that you’re after when creating a regular signature, from our provided templates, then it is possible to get the desired icons by creating a Custom Signature. This is, however, a feature of the Business plan, so if you’re a Professional or Essential user, it would use up your actions any time you sent out an email with that signature. For more information on creating signatures, please see this knowledge base article: 

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