1. Setting up 'Other' email account on iPhone

Setting up 'Other' email account on iPhone

QuestionsSetting up 'Other' email account on iPhone
Hugh Flouch asked 1 week ago

Can’r get this working on iphone. Can’t see a way to bypass iphone and set it up directly through accont prefs. Any ideas?

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Julia Staff answered 1 week ago

Hi Hugh,
Thanks for contacting us. We have already responded to the inquiry you sent to our support email.
To use Mailbutler on your iPhone, you need to install Mailbutler on the mobile app following the instructions provided here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/download-and-install-mailbutler/#tab-mobile
Please note that you do not have to create a new Mailbutler account. Just login with your existing account.
If you have already tried this and it still doesn’t work, please respond to us through the support email!
Thank you!

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