1. Send later error in Apple Mail

Send later error in Apple Mail

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Jean Dalgleish asked 3 months ago

In Apple mail I get an error message when clicking on SEND LATER button. \”An unknown error occurred. Please try again later.\” I have updated MailButler and logged out and in and restarted. It was working just a few days ago.  Version 2525 (13060)  Mac Mail Version 10.3 (3273)

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federico answered 3 months ago

I have the same problem (Mojave 10.14.5)

Wouter answered 3 months ago

Me too… 10.14.2

Jon answered 3 months ago

I also have the same problem.  Just started this week.  Mac 10.13.4,   Mac Mail 11.3.

Julia Staff answered 3 months ago


Thank you for contacting us. We are aware of this bug and our development is currently working on fixing this as quickly as possible!

Thank you in advance for your patience!

jean answered 3 months ago

Thank you for letting us know and for the work on this issue.  

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