1. Recall of a message I have sent

Recall of a message I have sent

QuestionsRecall of a message I have sent
Nicole Streitz asked 6 months ago

Hi I have sent a message at about 4 PM and now at 8PM I want to recall it, so it is not good that I cannot make this recall as with Microsoft this recall is always possible, juste not if the recepient has opened it. So I bought Mailbutler to give me the chance to make this recall but I see that this is juste and only possible before I want to sent it, then I have not to make a recall….I want to make a recall at every moment that I want…..why is that not possible please….Good night from Luxembourg….and hope that my order has worked and my mailbutler is fine for one month – Nicole

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Julia Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Nicole,
Undo Send works by holding the email in the Outbox folder on your account, for a time you specify. After that time, the message is delivered to the recipient and cannot be recalled.

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