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Personalization tags?

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Dan L. asked 7 days ago

I’m wondering if Mailbutler supports the addition of personalization tags to emails. For example, I want to type in a mass email “Hello [first name],” and have each recipient (each contact) receive an email with their first name where the brackets were.
If not, how can I send personalized mass emails without having to manually change the name for EVERY SINGLE email?
Thanks in advance

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Claire Staff answered 2 days ago

No, it is not. Mailbutler is not designed or meant for mass mailings.


Julia Staff answered 6 days ago

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your inquiry.

We do have that option! 🙂 You can create a Message Template and then insert Placeholders in your Message Template. A Placeholder can be for example your recipient’s name. If you insert that placeholder, every time you use the particular Message Template, the recipient’s name will automatically appear in the email.

With Mailbutler, you can use much more Placeholders than just the recipients name – for example: email address, job title, organization etc.

To find out more about placeholders and how to use them, please see here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/how-to-use-placeholders/

To find out how to create a message template, please see here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/message-template/

Daniel answered 4 days ago

Thanks, yes, I’ve found those, BUT they only work if the recipient is in the “To” field of the email. I need it to work for a mailing list in the “Bcc” field, so that I can send a personalized mass email without all my clients getting each others’ emails. Is that possible?

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