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Linda Cash asked 4 months ago

Hi there – I have followed all the instructions to download Mailbutler for Outlook however I cannot see that the plug-in has installed – there is no evidence in my Outlook mail client that Mailbutler is installed? I am successfully using Mailbutler for Apple Mail, but would love to get it working for Outlook for Mac 2019 – standalone.  

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Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Linda and Frank,
Thanks for your inquiries. In order to correctly install Mailbutler for Outlook, please follow the instructions provided here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/download-and-install-mailbutler/#tab-outlook
Please be aware, that we have only just released Mailbutler for Outlook and are still working on improving it!

Tim Abare answered 4 months ago

Hi Julia, it looks like your link is for Outlook for Mac 2016, not 2019. Do you have a fix fro 2019?

Scott Saddison answered 3 months ago

is there any update on this?  I have outlook 2019 for Mac and am interested in the mailbutler product.

Mateusz answered 2 months ago

Same, it just doesn’t work on outlook 2019 Mac.  This https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/download-and-install-mailbutler/#tab-outlook doesnt solve problem.

Julia Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi there,
Due to the complex nature of Microsoft’s email configuration, various factors impact Mailbutler’s compatibility with Outlook. Please see this article to check if Mailbutler for Outlook will work for you: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/mailbutler-availability/#tab-outlook

Linda Cash answered 2 months ago

Hi Julia – thanks for your information – so may I presume from that as I am using a domain that is outside of Microsoft, outlook.com and am not using an Exchange Server, that I cannot use Mailbutler for Outlook 2019 on my Mac?

Julia Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your message. That’s correct. Unfortunately, in that case Mailbutler for Outlook will not work for you. We would love to improve the compatibility, but at the moment it’s not possible due to the nature of Microsoft’s email configuration. I’m really sorry!

Laura answered 1 month ago

How about the Outlook that is the application, not the web? I also use Outlook on Mac. NOt the web version. 

Julia Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Laura,
Thanks for your inquiry. The same applied to the Outlook app. Here is the link to our article on the compatibility of Mailbutler with Outlook again: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/mailbutler-availability/#tab-outlook

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