1. Outlook admin but opening Apple Mail

Outlook admin but opening Apple Mail

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Graham asked 4 months ago

I added Apple Mail Mailbutler to see the functionality, I added MB to the store so it could be deployed in Outlook for Mac.
Set up integration with Todoist – all working fine with Apple Mail.
Installed the outlook addon but because it had previously been set up to work with Apple Mail – all the ToDoist links try and open Apple Mail – rather than opening mail in Outlook.
Is there a way to completely reset everything so I can start over with Outlook only?
many thanks

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Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Graham,
thanks for your inquiry. We have forwarded the issue to our Development Team who are currently working on solving it. In the meantime, please try to uninstall Mailbutler, from both Apple Mail and Outlook, and then starting again with Outlook by itself and see if this helps.

If afterwards you are still experiencing issues, we kindly ask you to please send your inquiry to support@mailbutler.io. Thank you!


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