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Messages stuck in outbox

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Rebecca Ciez asked 5 months ago

Hi, I’ve been having an issue sending emails all day. Each email has the normal ~10 second delay on sending messages, but they never leave the outbox. This is for one of my email accounts. Using the “send now” button does not resolve the issue

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Claire Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello Rebecca, 
This is an issue that I would need to ask some follow up questions in order to help you. If you have a paid Professional or Business subscription, please email us at support@mailbutler.io

Will Murray-Phillips answered 2 months ago

I’m now having this issue also. for last three days. Is there a fix? 

Julia Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Will,
Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, the bug has been fixed. If you are not yet on the most current version, please update Mailbutler, following the instructions here:
This should solve the issue.
If the issue persists after you have updated, please email us at support@mailbutler.io
Thank you!

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