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Kurt Garehime asked 7 months ago

Since updating to Catalina OS, Mailbutler appears, but does not work within iMail.  I’ve repeatedly followed the check the plugin with in iMail preferences though Mailbutler’s functionality does not appear within the mail app.  This is the version I’m using Version 2414 (12729).  Is this the latest version? If not, how do I update the app? Thank you.  Kurt Garehime

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Claire Staff answered 6 months ago

Hello Kurt, 
If you are still having this problem, of Mailbutler not appearing in your Manage Plugins list, please check to see if you have GPG installed as well. If you do, please try the following: 

1. Uninstall Mailbutler
2. Uninstall GPG
3. Reinstall Mailbutler from this link: https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/downloads 
4. Reenable Mailbutler in the plugins
5. Add GPG back 


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