1. Mailbultler doens't load in the toolbar

Mailbultler doens't load in the toolbar

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Koen Straatman asked 4 months ago

I have the issue that mailbutler doesn’t load in the tool bar (the icon on top) I use this sometimes to send an e-mail quicker, to bypass the delay that has been set in Mailbutler. Problem is that the icon doesn’t show. When i send an mail, for a millisecond it pops up and its gone again. I allready did an uninstall and installed the latest version. But without results. 
Can you please help me.

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Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Koen,
thanks for your inquiry. In order to solve your issue please activate the Apple Mail plugins. To find out how to activate plugins, please follow the instructions provided here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/how-to-activate-apple-mail-plug-ins-in-macos-mojave/
If activating the plugins will not solve the problem, we kindly ask you to please send your inquiry to support@mailbutler.io. Thank you!

Koen answered 4 months ago

activating and de-activating did not do the trick. I completely re-installed the plugin. Wich worked for a couple of minutes. And after that, the icon in the top bar disappeared again! So could you please come with a working solution. I’m not able to quickly manage my Mailbutler settings. Which makes it kinda useless for me.

Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Koen,
Thanks for your response. We have replied to your ticket regarding this issue.

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