1. Install Mailbutler on 4 devices

Install Mailbutler on 4 devices

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Olivier Haller asked 4 months ago

Hello I have a professional subscribtion (2 devices ) and would like to use mailbutler on two other devices. This will be possible if I subscribe for 2 users? Or do I have to make anoter subscription for 1 user.
Thank you
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Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Olivier,
Yes, an additional subscription would allow you to use Mailbutler on up to 4 computers at a time, 2 devices per subscription. Although you should know that this is AT A TIME. So if you’re only going to be on 2 computers or devices at any given moment, you could just rotate with one subscription. 
For more detailed information, please see this article: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/multiple-computers/

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