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Import on Contacts sidebar

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Gwyn asked 3 months ago

I am a Professional user. Yesterday I saw the new Contacts video and was impressed and decided to try it in the limited actions that I had as a Professional user. However, I cannot seem to replicate what I saw in the video. I have been through many many emails, until I was fed up(!), and cannot import any user. In fact the import button is missing. If I change the user to myself by selecting the other avatar in the top right of the sidebar – I can import my info it seems (I assume it gather info from my signature), but it will never work on any other email – even though some have clear signatures. Is this because I am a professional user? I looked at the comparison  – and I believe it is a limited action – so I should be able to try this out. Any advice? Thanks

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Douglas answered 3 months ago

Hi.  I’m having the same issue.  Not able to import contact info in Apple mail.  All I get is pink notices that no information is available.  
In the Dashboard things look closer to the version shown in the video.  BUT, it says that my professional plan isn’t sufficient to see “best time to reach” and “emails sent to” features.  AND, not able to add contact or import contact info.
Sounds like this might be a beta version?

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