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Evernote Exporter for Apple Mail

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Emilio Pacheco asked 5 months ago

I understand you no longer support Evernote Exporter for Apple Mail.  I cannot find the current download site, but I do know that in Catalina, the exporter no longer works. Do you have any suggestions to add or restore this functionality? It was one of the most useful features in MailButler. 

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Julia Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Emilio,
Evernote Exporter is a discontinued product. Neither download links to previous versions of the plugin nor support is provided by Mailbutler.

Rich answered 5 months ago

Hi there – was this a separate product or a feature of Mailbutler? There appears to be many references in the web to an ability to send an email from the Mac mail plug in to Evernote- is this the same thing we are discussing here? Thanks.

Julia Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Rich and Shawn,

Thanks for your inquiries.

Please note that there is a difference between the Evernote Exporter and Evernote.

Mailbutler still supports Evernote and you can add it when you go to integrations in your Mailbutler Dashboard.

Evernote Exporter allowed you to export entire emails from Mailbutler to Evernote.
Integrating Mailbutler with Evernote allows for sharing of notes with links to the emails they pertain to.

Joe Ramsay answered 4 months ago

Please reconsider the decision to support an Evernote Exporter Plug-in. It is the only reason I subscribe to MailButler and I will cancel my subscription if Evernote Export is no longer a feature. 

Eric Huskes answered 4 months ago

My choice for mailbutler is mainly based on the use of the Evernote Exporter Plug-in. Please implement the functionality of exporting complete mails (incl attachments) to Evernote into the new integration function.

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