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Flavio Wapf asked 4 months ago

Dear Mailbutler Team

The CEO of our business is interested in your application. Therefore I am in the process of doing some tests to show him the possibilities. He is especially interested in the tracking possibility.
Yesterday I got the free trial version and was able to integrate it perfectly into Outlook. The only problem I have is the tracking function. As soon as I go to sent messages and click on the Mailbutler icon, only the selection with notes and tasks appears. No Tracking possibility.
When sending the mail I made sure that the email and link tracking is activated. I have also activated it in the login on your site.
Can you possibly help me with this?
Many thanks and kind regards
Flavio Wapf

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Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Flavio, 
I assume you’ve seen this article already: 
Are you saying that there’s no Tracking information whatsoever on emails that you know you’ve sent with Tracking turned on? What information is visible on these emails in the list on your Dashboard? 

Flavio Wapf answered 3 months ago

Hi Claire
Thanks a lot for your feedback.
I checked all the points in this article. When I want to track my sent E-Mails, I just have the possibility to make notes, Tasks and a follow up reminder. Normally the Tracking informations should be here.
I activated the Tracking in the Dashboard and when sending the mail.

Thanks and best,
Flavio Wapf

Julia Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Flavio,
Thanks for your message.
Please excuse the belated response. If you are still having issues with Tracking, please email us at support@mailbutler.io, so we can investigate further.
Thanks in advance!

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