1. CPU Panic when Mailbulter installed on OSX Cataline

CPU Panic when Mailbulter installed on OSX Cataline

QuestionsCategory: Compatibility/PerformanceCPU Panic when Mailbulter installed on OSX Cataline
Gill Nuttall asked 4 months ago

After I installed Catalina, the Mac crashed with frequent CPU panics. I uninstalled the program and the problems stopped, so I assumed that Mailbutler was the issue and resigned myself to living without it.  Recently, having read there was an update that now worked with Catalina, I reinstalled, but this time, while the Mac doesn’t crash while I’m using it and appears to shut down correctly, but on every restart it reports there has been a CPU panic. I’m getting ready to carefully uninstall it again, but wondered if anyone else is having this problem and has found a solution. I’m running the latest version downloaded from the site (2428).

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Claire Staff answered 4 months ago

Claire Staff replied 52 seconds ago
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Hello Gill,
This type of problem is very specific to each individual user, so I can’t provide you with a blanket answer. Any number of factors could be coming to bear on this. In order to investigate this further, if you are a paid subscriber, could you please send us an email at support@mailbutler.io, and include a recent crash report?
You can find instructions on how to do that here: https://support.mailbutler.io/knowledge-base/send-crash-reports-for-mailbutler-support/

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