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David Hicks asked 5 months ago

I’m running Mac with Catalina – but the download link to Cargolifter says not found. if thats permanent can we have the ability to upload to a service like Dropbox reinstated please?

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Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi David,
CargoLifter is a discontinued product. Neither download links to previous versions of the plugin nor support is provided by Mailbutler.

David answered 4 months ago

Is there an alternative option?
In the days before CargoLifter, you could link MB to an existing Dropbox account – so that a download link was added to the email for the recipient to download the attachment. Its a really useful feature.
Otherwise its a case of uploading to Dropbox and adding the link to the email manually. Or using a service like We Transfer – which defeats the object of having MB…. Does that make sense?

romain@inxl.fr answered 4 months ago

Wow, CargoLifter discontinued is a shame! And painful for mankind in those times of global warming (a link weights way less than an attachment).

Julia Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi David,
thanks for your message. I will pass this on internally to our CTO.

Kees Tempelaar answered 2 months ago

I have the same problem with CargoLifter, it does not work anymore since it was separated from Mailbutler. I did many efforts to get it connected to my Google Drive, but they fail. That’s why I am uninstalling Mailbutler now.

David answered 2 months ago

It’s a shame, that CargoLifter is discontinued. It was such a useful program – and the main reason i installed mailbutler a long time ago. It would be very much appreciated if you could continue the development. I would even buy the plugin, since it saves me time.

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