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Cannot Register User

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Marko asked 3 months ago

I’ve tried adding a person to my team, so I’ve sent them an invite. She has tried registering, but after putting in the email address and password, the page just reloads and nothing happens. We tried from my computer as well and using a different browser, even just plainly trying to register, but no luck. Is there something we’re missing or is something wrong on your end?

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Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Marko, 
So this person has already registered for a Mailbutler account, and you still can’t add them to your team? Please write to me at support@mailbutler.io and let me know what her email is that’s linked to her Mailbutler, and we’ll figure this out. 

Marko answered 3 months ago

Hello Claire,
Great, thanks! I’ve sent an email right away, but still no reply. Also, we are still unable to create an account for her for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to work, but it doesn’t give us any warning.

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