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Adam Lowenstein asked 4 months ago

Mailbutler keeps asking for an app specific password for Apple Mail, and when I get one it works fine, but a few days later it requests another… this keeps happening.  Works fine once I get an app specific password, but should that only be needed once?  Very annoying to have to get one generated and entered so often.  Please advise, thanks!

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Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Adam, 
I’m sorry for the delay, I missed your response somehow. You can remove the email address from your Apple Mail by going to Mail > Accounts, selecting the email in question, and clicking “remove”. Then adding it back. You should only need to do it on the computer that is affected. 

Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Adam, 
Could you please try removing the email account that this prompt is related to, and then adding it back? It should only prompt you for the app specific password one more time, the next time you try to send an email with that particular account. After that, it shouldn’t be asking you again. 

Adam Lowenstein answered 3 months ago

Can you please explain how to do this?  Does this need to be done on each computer or only once?

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