1. Always use bcc for mailing lists

Always use bcc for mailing lists

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Charles Bewlay asked 4 months ago

Stop accidentally sending an email to a large number of recipients without hiding their addresses from each other by using BCC. Thunderbird has an extension for this. Does Mail/Mailbutler not?

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Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Charles,
I see! I thought you were describing a problem you were having. This is a great idea! I’ll pass it on to the developers. 

Claire Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello Charles, 
Was this something that occurred while using Send Later? Has this happened to you only recently or also in the past? We had one report of this error from another user yesterday, and the issue has since been fixed in the current beta, which you can download from here: 
If you have Mojave or Catalina, you’ll also need to reactivate Mailbutler in your Plugin Preferences. 
Please let us know if you continue to have problems. 

Charles James Bewlay answered 3 months ago

Hi Claire, I have sometimes sent emails, accidentally putting a string of addresses in the To field instead of in the bcc field. I would like to create a condition such that, for instance, if a string of addresses is more than say 10, then there would be a warning that they can only go in the bcc field. Or some other way of stopping that string going into the To field. You geniuses at Mailbutler might have something you can do with this. 😄

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