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How can I undo a sent email with Mailbutler?

If you regret sending a message, you can use Undo Send by enabling delay sending of all emails by up to 60 seconds. This setting gives you the option to take back a message you just sent.

How to enable Undo Send

  1. Login to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/).
  2. In the top right corner, click the drop-down menu next to your email and go to Preferences.Screenshot of Mailbutler dashboard with preferences circled
  3. In General, check enable undo send and set the amount of time you want your message to be delayed for.Screenshot of Undo Send settings on Mailbutler Dashboard
  4. Save preferences at the bottom of the page.

How to undo a sent email

  1. Open your Apple mail or Gmail inbox.
  2. Compose your email and click send when you are done.
  3. Immediately after sending, a button will pop-up at the top right of your screen, giving you the option to undo the sending.screenshot of undo send button in Apple mail


Click undo send to re-edit the email before resending.

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Updated on November 5, 2018

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