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How do I activate Two-Factor Authentication for iCloud?

To use your iCloud account with Mailbutler, you will need an app specific password since it is enabled with a Two-Factor Authentication method. Follow the steps below to generate an app-specific password.

How to generate an app-specific password

    1. First, Compose a new email.
    2. Next, select the Mailbutler feature you want to use eg. Send Later.
    3. You will notice that a screen like the one in the image below will pop-up. requesting an App Specific Password. Click on Go to iCloud on the pop-up .Screenshot showing request for App Specific icloud password for Mailbutler
    4. You will be redirected to the Apple account website. Log in with your Apple ID and Password.screenshot of icloud log in screen
    5. Scroll down to Security. Now under App Specific Passwords, click on Generate PasswordScreen Shot of App specific passwords generation button on iCloud
    6. Next, enter Mailbutler in the box provided ( see image below) and confirm the request by clicking Create. A password will now be created for Mailbutler. 
    7. You will see the generated app-specific password. Please copy the password and paste it in Apple Mail (See step 1). Finally, click on Login.

Screenshot of icloud authentication for Mailbutler

You can now enjoy all the features of Mailbutler with your iCloud account.

Updated on 27 August, 2019

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