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How do I integrate Mailbutler with Todoist?

Mailbutler’s integration with Todoist lets you easily manage your to-do’s in one place. By connecting Mailbutler with Todoist, Tasks created will be automatically synced with your Todoist project.

How to integrate Todoist with Mailbutler

1. Log in to your Mailbutler Dashboard.

2. Click on your profile picture on the upper right hand corner to reveal your Account Settings, and select Integrations.


4. Look for Todoist and click the Add icon.


5. You will be redirected to the login page. Sign in with your Todoist account and follow the on-screen instructions to give Mailbutler access. 


6. After successful configuration, you should see your Todoist account linked.

Configure or disconnect the service

  1. Go to Mailbutler Dashboard -> Integrations (follow steps above).
  2. Look for the Todoist integration.
  • Click the settings icon to configure the integration ( ie. default project to be integrated with)
  • Click the trash icon to disconnect the service from your Mailbutler account.

How to send Tasks to your Todoist project

After successful integration, Tasks created from Mailbutler will automatically appear in your Todoist project.

The integration between Todoist and Mailbutler is synced both ways. This means if you made any changes to your task on Todoist (e.g. mark it as complete), it will also be reflected on your Mailbutler Task list.

Updated on 29 August, 2019

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