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How do I share Message Templates with my team?

Mailbutler allows you to share Message Templates with your team members, so everyone can reach customers and leads faster and easier with high quality replies, saving the hassle of copy and paste.

Team Message Templates are perfect for customer support, sales, or any teams dealing with frequently used texts. Use it to answer company’s FAQ’s, collaborate on high-performing sales pitch, and add tracked links and images.

Note: Shared Message Templates is an extended functionality of Message Templates made for team users.

Share a Message Template in your Dashboard

1 . Login to your Mailbutler Dashboard -> go to Message Templates.


2. Look for the template and click Edit.

3. Go to Team Sharing and select the team you want to share this template with. You can always come back and edit this option when needed.

4. Click Update.

5. It will now appear in the Dashboard and email clients of your team members.

Note: Shared Message Templates are read-only for your team members. Only the original creator (owner) has the option to edit, unshare or delete a shared Message Template.

Revoke sharing of a Message Template

You can revoke sharing access of your Message Templates on your Dashboard.

1. Follow steps 1-4 above.

2. Go to Team Sharing. Revoke sharing by selecting ‘Not shared’.

3. Click Update.

Updated on 1 March, 2020

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