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How do I subscribe to a Mailbutler plan?

We’ve made it very easy and flexible for you to upgrade and manage your subscriptions to fit your email needs.

If you encounter any payment issues, please contact us (sales@mailbutler.io)

Available subscription options

We offer two paid subscription plans: (Compare pricing plan and available features)

  • Mailbutler Professional: unlimited Professional features and limited use of Business features
  • Mailbutler Business: unlimited usage of all features

Both subscription plans can be billed either monthly or yearly. With a Yearly billing plan, you save 16% – as you pay for 10 months and get 12.

You also have the option to purchase multiple subscription seats – this is useful for team users who want to organize their subscriptions under one billing account.

How to subscribe to a paid plan

1. First, log in to your Mailbutler Dashboard using your log in details (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io).

2. Go to Account Settings (click on your profile icon).


3. In the drop-down menu that appears, select Subscriptions.


4. The Subscriptions page shows your current active plan, and available subscription plans: Essential, Professional, Business. Click on ‘Yearly’ or ‘Monthly’ buttons (as shown) to choose bewteen the two recurring payment options: charged monthly or annually.

Mailbutler subscriptions page
Please Note

The yearly payment option for both Professional and Business saves you 2 months of fees.

5. Depending on your needs, choose either the Professional or Business plan, and click Sign Up.

6. A checkout form will pop up. Start by confirming your selected subscription. This is also where you can enter a discount code

7. Once you’ve checked your selected subscription plan, proceed by clicking “Continue to Payment” to enter your billing information securely. Currently Mailbutler accepts credit card and PayPal payments.

10. After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation and invoice email sent to your inbox.

11. If you have bought multiple subscription seats for your account, you can distribute them to your team members on your Dashboard by adding their Mailbutler account emails accordingly. Please refer to this article.Mailbutler multiple subscriptions

How to upgrade from Mailbutler Professional to Business

  1. Log into your Mailbutler Dashboard and go to Subscriptions (see steps 1 to 3 above).
  2. Under Active Subscriptions, Select Business (Monthly) or Business (Yearly), and click Update.
    screenshot of subscription upgrade options in Mailbutler
  3. Your subscription will be updated to the Business Plan.

How to downgrade from Mailbutler Business to Professional

  1. Log into your Mailbutler Dashboard and go to Subscriptions (see steps 1 to 3).
  2. Under Active Subscriptions, Select Professional (Monthly) or Professional (Yearly), and click Update.
  3. Your subscription will be changed from Business to Professional.
Updated on 22 January, 2020

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