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How do I create Email Signatures in Mailbutler Dashboard?

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Mailbutler lets you create professional email signatures that you and your team can easily insert to outgoing emails. No HTML coding is required, and designs are always synced real time to your email client.

This article guides you through how to create Email Signatures 1) with one of our preset templates, and 2) with your own custom design.

🙌 This feature can be extended in Mailbutler for Teams. You can share created items with your team members.

Create a signature using Signature Templates (Option 1)

Mailbutler provides a range of beautiful and professional designs that lets you easily create your own signature to match your brand identity.

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1. Log into your Mailbutler Dashboard.

2. Go to Signatures.


3. If this is your first time visiting Signatures, a User Profile form will pop-up. By filling this form, your details will be automatically inserted to any template you choose. When you’re done, click on Update profile.

4. Click Add Signature button, and select your preferred template (hover over to preview each option.)

5. You will see a live preview of your signature. Profile details are prefilled in the Signature fields. You can now edit the details as you wish:

  • Image: Add your company logo or your personal image either by inserting the URL or by uploading it to the template.
  • Colors: change or select the color of your signature text.

The text font in your signature will match the font in the rest of your email when inserted into the compose view.

  • Social links: edit social media or other links.
  • Add a Closing Section or Disclaimer if needed.

6. When you are happy with the design, click Save.

Create a Custom Signature with your own design (Option 2)

Have you got your own design / HTML code, or would you like to create a signature from scratch? You can easily create a Custom Signature with our Signature Template builder.

1. Login to your Mailbutler Dashboard.

2. Go to Signature Templates.


3. Click on New Template to open the Signature Template builder.


4. Name your template.

Modify an existing Mailbutler template

You can choose to start by modifying an existing template.

Please Note

Choosing one of the existing templates will replace anything already in the editor.

  • Click on the folder icon and select the template you wish to use.
  • Edit the design as you wish.
  • To replace images, click on the image and select Replace. You can do this either by drag and drop or by uploading from your drive.

Create a template from scratch

You can also start from scratch using the extensive options in our builder.

  • Click the table icon to create a table for various sections of your signature.
  • Add your company logo or your personal image by either dropping the image in the image box or adding the image URL.
  • Add social media links by clicking on the Link icon.

Import your own HTML signature

If you’ve got a HTML signature already designed, you can also import this code easily to our builder.

  1. Select Code View.
  2. Paste your HTML code.
  3. Select Code View again to see your design in rich view.

4. When you are happy with your design, click Create to save it.

Email Signatures created on your Dashboard are automatically synced to Mailbutler in your email client.

➡️Learn how to insert an Email Signature in your email.

Please Note

Custom Signatures is a Mailbutler Business feature. Inserting a Custom Signature in your message consumes one Business action.

Manage your created Email Signatures in Dashboard

You can find a collection of all your created Email Signatures under Dashboard -> Signatures.

Here you can make the following changes to your Email Signatures:

  • Preview how your signature looks like
  • Edit and make changes
  • Delete your signature (Note: you can only delete signatures created with Mailbutler’s templates. To remove a custom signature, please first delete the original template.)

Manage your Signature Templates in Dashboard

You can find a collection of all your Signature Templates (either private to you, or shared) under Dashboard -> Signature Templates.

Here you can make the following changes to your Signature Templates:

  • Duplicate and your Signature Template
  • Edit your Signature Template
  • Delete your Signature Template
Please Note

Any changes you make to your Signature Template will be reflected instantly to your Email Signatures.

Sharing Signature Templates with your team

Signature Templates created in Mailbutler can be shared with members of your team.

➡️Learn more about Shared Signature Templates.

(What’s Mailbutler for Teams?)

Updated on 17 June, 2019

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