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How do I create a custom signature template?

Mailbutler allows you to create a custom HTML signature template by using the template designer in your Mailbutler Dashboard. You can then use these signature templates to create beautiful signatures for use in your Apple mail or Gmail account. Follow the steps below to do so.

How to create your signature template

  1. Login to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/).
  2. On the left-hand side menu, locate Signature Templates under Organization.Mailbutler signature template button
  3. Click on New Template to create a new signature template.

Using an existing template

You can create your signature template by starting with an existing template.

  1. Click on the folder icon and select the template you wish to use.screenshot of template upload icon in creating a signature template on Mailbutler dashboard
  2. Now edit the template by replacing it with your own information. Use placeholders for such sections as Name, Title and Phone Number if you intend to share the template with others.Screenshot of placeholders tab on Mailbutler signature page
  3. To change the image, click on the image to show the image menu. Now click on the replace image icon.Screenshot of Mailbutler icon for replacing signature image
  4. Now you can replace the image either by drag and drop or by uploading your image
  5. Once you are done, you can choose to share the template with your team under the Team Sharing. Now click Create to save the template.screenshot of Mailbutler signature sharing feature

Create a signature template from scratch

  1. Start by naming your template under Name.
  2. To create a table for various sections of your signature, click on the table icon as seen in the image below.Screenshot of table icon for creating a signature template in Mailbutler
  3. You can edit the table as you please by clicking on a row and choosing the desired edit feature.screenshot of table edit feature in Mailbutler custom signature templates
  4. You can add your company logo or your personal image by either dropping the image in the image box or adding the image URL.
    Screenshot of Placeholder icon when creating Mailbutler custom signature template
  5. Now add various Placeholders such as Email address, Address etc by clicking on the Placeholder icon.Screenshot of Placeholders when creating custom signature template in Mailbutler
  6. In addition, you can add your Social Media links by clicking on the Link icon.Screenshot of link icon when creating custom signature template in Mailbutler signature
  7. When you are done creating your template, click Create to save it.


Where to find your signature template

Your template will be saved in the signature templates on your Dashboard and you can use it to create a new signature.

Updated on 5 November, 2018

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