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How do I send emails later in Apple Mail and Gmail?

Mailbutler’s Send Later feature for Apple mail and Gmail allows you to write an email now and schedule for it to be delivered at a later desired time.

How to send an email later

  1. In your email, compose a new email
  2. Click on the button next to the normal Send button to schedule the email
  3. Set the time and date you want the email to be sent at

Apple Mail

Screenshot of Mailbutler schedule button in Apple mail


Screenshot of Sendlater icon in Gmail


4. Your scheduled emails will be saved in the “Scheduled“ folder of your account until the delivery time. Double click on the scheduled email to reopen the email. Now you can deleteedit or reschedule it

Apple Mail

Mailbutler scheduled folder in Apple mail


Mailbutler scheduled folder in Gmail


New to Mailbutler, learn more about our Send Later feature here 

How does send later work?

Mailbutler moves the email to the “Scheduled Emails” folder on the user’s email server. The email will wait there until the scheduled time. We don’t save the email on our server and don’t send it from our server


Your scheduled emails will be delivered even if your computer is off at the scheduled time

Updated on August 27, 2018

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