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How to send a crash report for Mailbutler support?

An email client, like any other complex program, might crash. If you believe the issue is related to or caused by Mailbutler, please follow this article to send us your crash report, so that we can investigate the issue.


A crash report is a text file that is generated when a program crashes on your computer. It is helpful in investigating and solving the cause of the crash, as it contains specific detail about the software and hardware being used, and what processes lead to the crash.

How to find a crash report file on macOS

  1. First, open Finder. On the menu bar, select Go → Go to Folder (second from the bottom) and in the window that pops up, enter:

    Go to Folder in Finder
  2. Select all files starting with Mail and ending with .crash. If there are plenty of files from Mail, select a few of the newer ones.
    Mail crash report
  3. Now you can send this file (or files) to our support team. Please go here: Contact us and select ‘Issue’ in the form. Or, if this was requested in a support ticket, send the file in the reply message to our support team.

Updated on 23 August, 2019

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