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How do I create Message Templates in my Dashboard?

Message Templates by Mailbutler allows you to save pre-written rich email templates and insert them when composing an email, a huge time-saver for users and teams who need to send the same email repeatedly. You can further make use of Message Templates by sharing them with your team.

This article shows you how you can create and manage Message Templates in your Dashboard.

🙌 This feature can be extended in Mailbutler for Teams. You can share created items with your team members.

How to create a new Message Template

1 . Login to your Mailbutler Dashboard.

2. From your sidebar menu, go to Message Templates.

3. Click on New Template.

create new Mailbutler message template

4. Name your template and enter the Subject of your message.

Write the subject of your message template

5. Enter your message body in the rich text editor. You can customize your formatting, colors; add links, images, tables, and placeholders.

Compose the content of your message

Note: If you have enabled Link Tracking, links included in your message templates (including images) will automatically be tracked.

6. For team users: select the team you want to share this template with under Team Sharing. (More about Shared Message Templates)

7. Click Update.

Message Templates created on your Dashboard are automatically synced to Mailbutler in your email client.

➡️Learn how to insert a Message Template in your email.

Manage your Message Templates in your Dashboard

You can find a collection of all your created and shared Message Templates in Dashboard -> Message Templates.

manage message templates in Mailbutler dashboard

This page shows you:

  • The sharing status and owner of a shared template
  • The number of times a template was used
  • The open rate of a template (requires Open Tracking)

Additionally, here you can make the following changes to your Message Templates:

  • Preview how the template looks
  • Duplicate the template
  • Edit and make changes to the template, including revoke team access
  • Delete your template (you cannot reverse this)

Share Message Templates with your team

Message Templates created in Mailbutler can be shared with members of your team.

➡️Learn more about Shared Message Templates.

(What’s Mailbutler for Teams?)

Updated on 1 March, 2020

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