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Mailbutler’s mobile app for iOS and Android

Mailbutler is also available for iOS and Android. The mobile app updates you with real-time push notifications  and enables you to access Tracking Details, check and create new Tasks and Notes, as well as open and send emails quickly with the features: Send Later, Tracking, Signature, Templates and Follow-up.

The following tutorial will show you where to download the Mailbutler’s mobile app, and provide you with an overview of the features available.


Get Mailbutler for Apple Mail and Gmail here and check out this quick start guide on how to install and set up Mailbutler, or contact us if you have any questions.

System Requirements

iOS (iPhone): 10.0 or higher
Android: KitKat (4.4) or higher

Download and Sign In

Whether you are using iPhone or Android phone, you will find the download links for both the App Store and Google Play here – we suggest to open it on your mobile device for easy installation.

After opening the app, you will see the login screen. Use your Mailbutler account credentials to sign in to your account.

Mailbutler Mobile login screen

Using the App

We suggest enabling Notifications for Mailbutler’s mobile app in your phone settings so you could get real-time push notifications on your screen.

You will also need to enable Notifications in your Mailbutler Preferences.


You will get real-time push notifications about the following events:

  • Someone opens your tracked email
  • Someone clicks on your tracked link
  • Your Task is due

Within the app, you’ll find four tabs: Activity, Emails, Notes, Tasks


Here, you’ll find a list of all your interactions with Mailbutler – managing your Tasks and Notes, using Snooze and Send Later, as well as opens for tracked emails or links. 


An overview of all the emails where a Mailbutler feature was used. This is especially useful for emails that you track, as you can view the open status right away.

You can also choose to filter your emails to your preference by clicking on the three stripes at the top right. 

You can also swipe on a particular email left or right to view additional options and information.

  • Swiping right reveals when was the email first opened and when you got the first reply.

  • One more swipe right reveals further Tracking Details.

  • Swiping left allows you to add a Note / Task / Follow-up to that email.

To compose an email, click on the airplane icon. Here you are able to use:

  • Tracking: you can enable tracking and link tracking by clicking on the Tracking icon.
  • Send Later: schedule your email to be send later by clicking on the Send Later icon.
  • Signatures: add a Signature that you created in your Mailbutler Dashboard.
  • Templates: search and use one of your created Templates. 
  • Follow-up: schedule a Follow-up to remind yourself later on the email or a specific Note / Task that you added to this email.
  • Notes & Tasks: Add a Note / Task and share it with a specific team. Swipe the Note / Task to the left if you want to delete it.

Read more on how to use the features.


In this view, you can check Notes created, and go directly to the emails the note is attached to. You can also share them with your team with a single click. 

Filtering is available as well, just click on the icon top right to filter the list according to the kind of notes you want to find.

If you want to delete the note then all you need to do is swipe the note to the left.


Here, you can check Tasks created using the desktop version of Mailbutler and go directly to the emails the Note is attached to. You can also share them with your team with a single click.

Swipe left if you want to delete or create a reminder for a specific task.

Updated on 9 December, 2019

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