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How do I use Mailbutler’s sponsored actions?

Sponsored actions in Mailbutler allow you to extend your usage of Professional and Business features as an Essential user.

What are sponsored actions?

Mailbutler actions allow Essential plan users to enjoy Professional and Business plan features at no cost, for up to 30 actions each month by default. You can also increase your monthly actions through our referral program.

If you’ve used up all your actions for the month, you can continue using your favorite features by activating sponsored actions.

Once activated, Mailbutler will increase your monthly actions to double the original count. A sponsored link to our website will then be added to the bottom of your outgoing emails.

How to activate sponsored actions

The following window will pop-up when you try to use a Professional or Business feature after you have used up all your monthly free actions.

Image of Mailbutler window that pops up when you have used all your mailbutler free actions for the month
Mailbutler sponsored actions pop-up


You can then either:

  1. Click UPGRADE and get the Professional or Business plan in order to have an unlimited amount of actions; or
  2. Click Activate sponsored actions and close the window.
  3. Your monthly actions will be increased to double the original amount (including actions earned through referral program).
  4. Mailbutler will add a sponsored link to outgoing emails until the end of the month.

How to enable / disable sponsored actions

To enable or disable sponsored actions for your Essential account, simply go to your Mailbutler Dashboard -> Subscriptions, and choose to turn sponsored actions on / off as shown below:

Sponsored Actions settings in Mailbutler Dashboard

Features available with sponsored actions

You have additional access to the following features with Sponsored Actions:

Updated on November 2, 2018

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