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How do I use Mailbutler’s sponsored actions on the Essential plan?

What are sponsored actions

Mailbutler Actions allow users on the essential plan to enjoy the features of the Professional and Business plans at no cost. Essential plan users have up to 30 actions each month

So what happens when you use up all your actions for the month? Don’t worry. As an essential plan user, Mailbutler makes it possible for you to continue using your favorite Professional and Business features by activating “sponsored actions“.

Once activated,  a Mailbutler link to our website will be added to the bottom of your outgoing emails.

How to activate sponsored actions

The following window will pop-up when you try to use a Professional or Business feature after you have used up all 30 free actions in one month.

Image of Mailbutler window that pops up when you have used all your mailbutler free actions for the month
Mailbutler sponsored actions pop-up


You can then either:

  1. Click UPGRADE and get the Professional or Business plan in order to have an unlimited amount of actions or
  2. Click Activate sponsored actions and close the window. Mailbutler will add a sponsored link to outgoing emails until the end of the month.

Features available

By checking “Activate sponsored actions” you have unlimited access to the following features:

  • Send Later
  • Public Task
  • Public Note
  • Signature
  • Tracking
  • Tracking Details
  • Message Template
  • Snippets

How to deactivate sponsored actions

Apple Mail

  1. Open Apple Mail
  2. Next, click Mail in the menu bar on the top left of your screen.
  3. Now, click “Preferences
    Screenshot of preferences in Apple mail
  4. Finally, go to the Mailbutler tab and click/ unclick “Use sponsored actions“ to activate/deactivate them accordingly.

Screenshot of Mailbutler sponsored actions settings in Apple mail


Follow the steps below to disable ‘actions’ in Gmail.

  1. First, open Google Chrome
  2. Click the Mailbutler logo at the top right
    Screenshot of Mailbutler icon in chrome
  3. Now, click the settings button at the bottom right
    Screenshot of Mailbutler activities tab in chrome
  4. Then click Options
    Screenshot of Mailbutler options tab in chrome
  5. Finally, click the button under Sponsored Actions to switch it on or off
    Screenshot of Mailbutler avatar display setting
Updated on August 27, 2018

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