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What are Mailbutler’s unique features?

Email in no time. Enhance your daily productivity and effectiveness with these Mailbutler features.


With email tracking and link tracking, you can know if the recipient has actually opened your email or link. This feature turns into a strong analytical tool and becomes an absolute must-have for everybody doing sales, CRM or customer support.



Mailbutler allows you to schedule an email to be sent at a specific date and time. Thus, you can fulfill a lot of tasks beforehand by writing several emails at once and letting Mailbutler securely send later even if you are offline at the scheduled time.


Tasks & Notes

Turn your emails into to-do items. Set due dates, add short notes, and mark them as done when you’re finished. Tasks can also be used as convenient follow-up reminders for outgoing messages.


Professional Signatures

Mailbutler allows you to create unique signatures, saving endless copying and pasting any repeated content. You can also create your own signature template to be shared with your team by using our templates as a base.



Not ready to deal with that email right now? No problem. Mailbutler allows you to snooze emails so that they pop back up in your email when you are ready to work on them. This saves you time and helps you remember to work on important emails at just the right moment.


Message Templates

Turn your best-performing emails into saved templates. Easily create message templates with Mailbutler and save even more time on every out reach. You can keep your template private or share it with your team.



 Cloud Upload

Mailbutler’s cloud upload service allows you to send bulky documents by email easily. By using our integration with either Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive your bulky document will be uploaded to the cloud service and a link included in the email.


Undo Send

Ever sent an email and realized immediately that you made a mistake or forgot an important detail? Well, you will love Mailbutler’s undo send feature which allows you to recall a sent email and edit before resending it.



Mailbutler makes it really easy for you to unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer wish to receive. By placing the unsubscribe button at the top of the newsletter,  you can unsubscribe with just one click, thus making inbox zero an achievable dream for you.


 Team features

Work better, faster, together.

Mailbutler allows you to create a team, share subscription seats to your team members, share team signatures, just to name a few ways to supercharge your team with Mailbutler.


So go ahead, register for your Mailbutler account and add much-needed superpowers to your Apple Mail or Gmail.

Updated on November 30, 2018

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