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Where can I find my Mailbutler log files?

Your email server keeps a record of all error messages in your log file and this is helpful for our support team to correctly diagnose any issue you may experience with Mailbutler.

Follow the steps below to access and share your log file:

How to access and share your log files

Apple Mail

  1. On your Apple Mail menu bar, click on Help 
  2. Next click on Reveal Mailbutler Logs in Finder to reveal your mail logsScreenshot of Mailbutler log file button
  3. The log files will be displayed as shown in the image belowScreenshot of Mailbutler log files in Apple Mail
  4. Now, select all the log files
  5. Next click on the share icon and select Mail to send them by email to our support team
    Screenshot showing share button for Mail log file


  1. Right-click anywhere in your Gmail inbox and select InspectScreenshot of Gmail frontend right click menu
  2. In the developer tools section that opens, select the Console tab to reveal your email log fileScreenshot of Mailbutler log files in Gmail
  3. Now, right-click anywhere on the page and select Save as to save your log file to your preferred destinationscreenshot of save button on Gmail log files for Mailbutler
  4. Once saved, you can attach the log file to your response email and send it to our support team

Get in Touch

Connect with us on social media via @Mailbutler on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/mailbutler.

If you have technical questions or need support, email support@mailbutler.io. We are always happy to help!


Updated on August 27, 2018

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