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What are the differences between legacy and new versions of Mailbutler?

If you’re coming from the legacy version of Mailbutler and you’re not sure how to get started, this article will give you an overview of feature differences between legacy and new Mailbutler.

New features that were not in legacy version of Mailbutler

Features that were in legacy version and changed in the new Mailbutler

  • Your Mailbutler preferences are now in the web Dashboard, which offers more flexibility and privacy settings.
  • Email to Evernote now works as standalone plugin (please refer to this article on Evernote Exporter).
  • Send Later and Snooze now work even when you are offline (this applies for supported email servers only. Unsupported email servers will be able to use Snooze and Send Later in Compatibility Mode, which works the same as legacy version).
  • Scheduled (Send Later) emails are now in a dedicated ‘Scheduled’ folder, instead of Outbox:
  • “First opened” tracking info now displays when you hover over the double tick icon:
  • Tracking Details will now be visible when you click on the double tick icon in a tracked email:
  • Contact Details will now show as a sidebar in your message view.
  • Snippets and Templates are now merged into Message Templates.
  • We have updated our pricing plan for the new Mailbutler:
      • Professional users (with unlimited Pro features) can use up to 30 Business actions per month.
    • Business users have unlimited access to all features.

Features that are removed in the new Mailbutler

  • Inbox Pause is unfortunately no longer supported in the new version of Mailbutler.
  • Giphy feature has been removed and will be released as a standalone (free) plugin.
  • Emojis is now a part of Apple Mail’s native feature.
Updated on 29 August, 2019

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