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Mailbutler keyboard shortcut keys for Apple mail

What are Mailbutler keyboard shortcuts

Mailbutler keyboard shortcut keys allow you to use your favorite Mailbutler features with just a few clicks on the keyboard.In Apple Mail, you can set keyboard shortcuts for the following Mailbutler features:

  • Snooze
  • Send Later
  • Show Templates
  • Preview
  • Add Note
  • Add Task
  • Add Follow-up
  • Toggle Tracking
  • Toggle Link
  • Tracking

Where to find and edit shortcut keys

  1. Open Apple mail
  2. Click on Mail and select PreferencesScreenshot of preferences in Apple mail
  3. In your preferences, click on the Mailbutler tab to reveal the shortcut settings for MailbutlerScreenshot of Mailbutler preferences in Apple mail
  4. To edit the keyboard shortcut for any feature, simply enter in your own keys. Start by clicking on the command (cmd) key and then any key you wish to use. Eg. cmd + s. Screenshot of keyboard shortcut keys changed in Apple mail

Your new keys will be recorded and you can now use them in Apple mail.

How to use Mailbutler keyboard shortcuts in Apple mail

  1. Open Apple mail
  2. Press the shortcut keys for the desired feature to use it


Updated on May 4, 2018

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