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How do I use keyboard shortcuts for Mailbutler features in Gmail?

What are Mailbutler keyboard shortcuts

In Mailbutler Chrome extension, you have the option of setting keyboard shortcuts for particular features.  This allows you to use your favorite features with just a few taps on the keyboard instead of clicking on the feature icon.

Shortcuts are available for the following Mailbutler features:

  • Add notes to drafts and messages
  • Add tasks to drafts or messages
  • Snooze emails and conversations
  • Create a new message from templates
  • Create followup tasks
  • Templates preview
  • Schedule an email
  • Open signature presets
  • Open snippet collection
  • Open tracking settings
  • Start external attachment upload

In your Gmail inbox, you can see the shortcut keys for various features simply by hovering the mouse over the desired feature. So for example, the image below shows the shortcut keys for Followup Reminder as Alt + F.

Screenshot of Mailbutler features keyboard shortcuts displayed under Follow-up Reminder feature


Where to find the list of feature shortcuts

  1. Right-click on the Options icon in your Chrome browser and click on  More Tools in the drop-down menu.Screenshot of More Tools option in Chrome browser
  2. Next click on Extensions from the list of Tools.
  3. In the Extensions page that opens, locate the Mailbutler tab and click on Details.Screenshot of Mailbutler tab in Chrome Extensions page
  4. Now turn on Developer Mode by shifting the button to the right as shown in the image below.Screenshot of Developer tab in chrome browser
  5. Next, scroll down on the page to Extension options and click on it.Screenshot of Extensions Options tab in Mailbutler Developer page
  6. Your Mailbutler feature short-cuts will be displayed and you can change the shortcut keys as you please.Screenshot of Mailbutler feature short-cuts in Gmail

How to change the feature short-cuts

You can create your own keyboard shortcuts for various features for easy recollection.

  1. First, access the Mailbutler keyboard shortcuts page by following steps 1 to 7 above.
  2. Scroll down to your preferred feature and click on the corresponding shortcut keys.
  3. Now press your new shortcut keys to record.Screenshot of Mailbutler changing Mailbutler shortcut keys in Chrome browser
  4. The new keys will be recorded and you can now use them in your Gmail.

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

  1. Click Compose to open the New message box.
  2. Press the shortcut keys for the desired feature to use it.




Updated on November 2, 2018

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