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How do I unlock my Mailbutler Dashboard?

If you’ve just created your Mailbutler account and logged into your dashboard, you’ll see only two options available – to download a version for either Apple Mail, Outlook or Gmail.

Mailbutler Dashboard Overlay

We’re not being mean – it’s just the dashboard serves no purpose if you have no plugin to use it with 😉 In this article we will show you how to start using Mailbutler and get a full access to your dashboard.


You only have to do this once. You can install Mailbutler on multiple devices, and here is the complete guide for any future downloads.

How to download and install Mailbutler

First, choose the right version for you from the ones presented on the screen. You can use Mailbutler as a plugin for Apple Mail on macOS, as an Office Add-in for Outlook or as a Chrome Extension for your Gmail. And we are working on adding more options!

Apple Mail

1. Open your Downloads folder and double click on the zip file.

2. Double click on the Mailbutler installer file to open.

3. Confirm the installation by clicking Open.

Mailbutler open confirmation4. Click the button to move Mailbutler into your Applications Folder.
Move Mailbutler to Applications folder
5. If requested, click OK to give permission to install Mailbutler.
Mailbutler Permission request6. Enter your computer’s account password if needed.
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

8. Once the installation is complete, restart Apple Mail.

9. (For macOS Mojave users only) After installation, please enable Mailbutler manually in Mail by following the instructions here. Otherwise, Mailbutler tab will not show up in Preferences.

10. Go to your menu bar and click on the Mailbutler icon to open your companion app. Log in to your Mailbutler account and activate the plugin.

After this step, our dashboard will recognize you successfully activated the plugin, and you will have full access to it here.


1. You will be redirected to Mailbutler for Gmail page in Chrome Web Store. Click Add to Chrome.

2. Confirm the installation by clicking on Add Extension.

3. Once the download is finished, a new tab with your Gmail inbox will open.

4. Log in with your Mailbutler account details.

Mailbutler Dashboard login screen
After this step, our dashboard will recognize you successfully activated the plugin, and you will have full access to it here.

Thank you for checking out and installing Mailbutler! You are now free to use all of our features, both in your inbox and in your dashboard – as every new account comes with a no-strings-attached 2-week trial of the Business plan.

If your dashboard is still being blocked, please make sure you not only installed Mailbutler but also logged into the app. And feel free to reach out to us anytime via our Contact form.

Updated on 23 January, 2020

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