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How do I share and manage Signature Templates for my team?

Mailbutler allows you to easily create and share your custom email signature designs with your team. After filling in profile details, Mailbutler automatically generates a signature for everyone that you have shared your design with.

This article shows you how to share a Custom Signature Template with your team, and how to manage templates in your Dashboard.

Mailbutler for Teams

Shared Signature Templates is an extended functionality of Signature Templates made for team users.

Share a Signature Template with your team

If you have created a Custom Signature Template (meaning it is not from one of our preset designs), you can share this with your team members.

1. Login to your Dashboard.

2. Go to Signature Templates.

3. Look for the Signature Template you want to share (if you have not created one, this article explains how.) Click Edit. 

4. By default, your template is private to you. Click on Team Sharing and select the team or organization to share this design with.

5. Click Update.

6. Go to Dashboard -> Signatures. Depending on the profile details your team members have filled in, Mailbutler will automatically generate a Team Signature for everyone based on your template:


Revoke sharing of a Signature Template

You can revoke sharing access of your Signature Templates.

1. Follow steps 1-3 above.

2. Go to Team Sharing. Revoke sharing by selecting ‘Not shared’.

3. Click Update.

Manage your shared Signature Templates in your Dashboard

You can find a collection of all your shared Signature Templates under Dashboard -> Signature Templates.

Templates that are shared (i.e. not private to you) are indicated with a red banner with name of the shared team:

Here you have the options to:

  • Duplicate and your Signature Template
  • Edit your Signature Template (if you are the owner)
  • Delete your Signature Template (if you are the owner)
Please Note

If you make changes to the design, it will also reflect on everyone’s signature in real time. Deleting a Signature Template will also remove the generated signature from your team members’ account.

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Updated on 23 August, 2019

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