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Get Started with Mailbutler – Installation & Features (1/4)

Congratulations – You just registered for a Mailbutler account!

Are you looking for that magical, all-in-one solution for emails? Maybe only one feature sparked your interest? Nonetheless, you’re excited and curious to see what we have to offer, right? (Spoiler: we have a lot to offer.)

This 4-part guide lets you get the most out of your Mailbutler account from day one. No matter your work hours, self-employed or working in a team – Mailbutler is rich in features that let you personalize your email workflow exactly the way you want.

Learn the basics of Mailbutler in this 3-minute article:

  • Install and download Mailbutler
  • Locate Mailbutler’s features on your email client
  • Key features of Mailbutler

1. Install Mailbutler on your email client

Before we begin, please make sure you have registered for an account and installed Mailbutler.

Mailbutler is a productivity tool available for 2 platforms:

  • Apple Mail as a plugin and
  • Gmail as a Chrome extension.

To install Mailbutler to your computer, login to your Dashboard, go to Downloads and select the version that is compatible with your computer.

Installation is easy, but if you’re stuck, this article is here to help.

2. Locate Mailbutler in your email client

Mailbutler on Apple Mail

Mailbutler is correctly installed on Apple Mail if you see these new buttons added to your Inbox view:

And you should also find new buttons added to your Compose window:

Mailbutler on Gmail

To check if Mailbutler is added to your Gmail, find a bright green drop-down button next to your Compose button:

You should also find a new toolbar in your Compose window:

Mailbutler as a Mobile App

Mailbutler is also available for iOS and Android, which you can download here. The mobile app updates you with real-time push notifications  and enables you to access Tracking Details, check and create new Tasks and Notes, as well as open and send emails quickly with the features: Send Later, Tracking, Signature, Templates and Follow-up.

We suggest enabling Notifications for Mailbutler’s mobile app in your phone settings so you could get real-time push notifications on your screen.

You will also need to enable Notifications in your Mailbutler Preferences.

Read more

3. Main Features

Mailbutler’s features help you manage emails easier at every step of your workflow.

After installation, the following features will be added to your email client:

Inbox Organization

  • Send Later – lets you schedule emails to be sent on preferred date and time, even when you’re offline.
  • Snooze – allows your emails to temporarily disappear from your inbox and pop up again at any desired time
  • Tasks – lets you attach to-do items along with your emails that you can sync with 3rd party apps.
  • Notes – lets you attach notes along with your emails that you can sync with 3rd party apps.
  • Unsubscribe – adds a handy opt-out button on top of incoming newsletters to easily clean up your inbox.


  • Open Tracking – lets you know if and when your email has been opened.
  • Link Tracking – lets you know if and when your link has been clicked in your email message.
  • Tracking Details – lets you find out when, where, and how often your email or link has been opened.
  • Follow-up Reminders – get reminded to follow-up on a previous message if you never receive a reply.
  • Contact Details – shows you public information of your contacts in your inbox.
  • BCC to CRM – automatically send a copy of all your outgoing messages to your favorite CRM service.
  • Undo Send – undo your email mistakes immediately by recalling your outgoing message after they are sent.
  • Attachment Reminder – reminds you when you forgot to include an attachment in your email.
  • Avatar Images – automatically fetches the email sender’s public photo and appear next to email messages.

Compose / Creation

  • Message Templates – lets you write faster with stored message templates and pre-defined placeholders.
  • Email Signatures –  insert professional and responsive email signatures with built-in templates of various styles
  • Custom Signatures – insert customized email signatures using Mailbutler’s signature builder.

Mailbutler for Teams

  • Shared Notes – share created notes with your Mailbutler team members.
  • Shared Tasks – share created tasks with your Mailbutler team members.
  • Shared Message Templates –  share your predesigned message templates that can be used across your Mailbutler team.
  • Shared Signatures – share your custom signature design with your team and generate a signature for each member in seconds.

Great job – Mailbutler is up and running, ready to supercharge your email routine! Our next 3-minute guide gives you a tour of your Mailbutler Dashboard. Go to Part 2 ➡️

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Updated on 18 November, 2019

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