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Get Started with Mailbutler – Teams (4/4)

You’ve got the plugin running, learned the basics of Dashboard and Profile, introduced Mailbutler to your other productivity tools…you’ve basically mastered it all. There’s just one question left unanswered:

Mailbulter helps you manage your emails and work faster in your own inbox…but what about the people you work with?

Unless you’re a freelancer or you’re self-employed, chances are you’re working in a team that could all use a bit of help with email management. Did you already know that you can use Mailbutler in a team?

By the end of this article, you’ll learn:

  1. The basics of Mailbutler for Teams
  2. How to invite members to your team
  3. How to share and collaborate on Message Templates
  4. How to manage your brand’s signatures
  5. How to Share and collaborate on email tasks and notes

What is Mailbutler for Teams?

Mailbutler for Teams is the simplest solution for teams to collaborate on emails and speed up communication — it’s a set of collaboration and sharing features that come readily available in your Dashboard, no matter what subscription plan you have.

Many of Mailbutler’s features could be used as a shared feature for teams:

Invite members to your team on Mailbutler

Before we move onto creating a Mailbutler team, make sure your colleagues or team members have registered for a Mailbutler account.

If they haven’t done so, hurry and invite them now – we’ll wait.

Done? Perfect.

To get started, go to Teams on the Dashboard. First, add a new organization – this is most likely the company, or department you are working in.

After you’ve done so, add a new team and add your team members by their Mailbutler account email:

Let’s go through what Mailbutler for Teams can do:

Share your Message Templates

Message Templates let you save pre-written texts as templates. Got an awesome performing email that you want the whole team to use for their next outreach? Share it with your team in one click:

Share your Custom Signature Templates

Made a cool, branded signature design? Don’t keep it to yourself! Signature is a great channel for businesses and teams to stay on-brand and coherent with their external communication.

You can use Mailbutler to share, manage and sync signature designs with your team:

Once you’ve created and shared an email design, a signature is automatically generated for everyone in your team.


Make sure your team members already have their extended profile set up, so you can insert placeholders in your templates to save even more time.

Share collaborate on email tasks and notes

You can quickly add comments with Notes in your forwarding emails, and make them accessible only to your teammates.

Simply enable sharing for your Note:

You can do the same with Tasks to keep everyone in the loop. If you’ve created a reminder, share it in your team so it appears as a to-do for everyone:

Once it’s done, your team members can also mark the Task as complete.

Get more things done, together. Get started by creating your team and adding your coworkers to your Mailbutler Team today:

You’ve completed our 4-part onboarding guide! We’re pretty confident you’re now all set to start using Mailbutler, but feel free to browse around our Knowledge Base for any feature(s) you’d like to learn more about. If you find this guide helpful or you’d like to offer feedback, let our support team know by giving us a rating below.

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Updated on 23 August, 2019

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