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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We answer some of the frequently asked questions our users have. If you have more questions, feel free to drop us an email on support@mailbutler.io.

What are the prices for Mailbutler Professional and Business plans?

Kindly visit our pricing page for more information on the Professional and Business plans. Our Essential plan is free for as long as you want. For teams and nonprofit discounts, reach out to us on support@mailbutler.io.

For the free student plan, visit the student page.

Which server types are supported by Mailbutler?

Currently, Mailbutler supports almost every server type including





Exchange 2013 and up

What browsers and operating systems are supported by Mailbutler?

Below are the list of operating systems and browsers that Mailbutler supports:

Mailbutler for Apple Mail ( macOS):

Supported on Apple macOS X 10.11 El Capitan and up.

Mailbutler for Gmail:

Supported on Linux, Windows 7 or later and Apple macOS X Yosemite 10.10 or later with Google Chrome installed.

Is Mailbutler supported on Mobile/ iOS?

Unfortunately, iOS does not support plugins hence Mailbutler is not available for iOS and mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads now. If anything changes, we will update our cherished users.

What happened to inbox pause?

Unfortunately, at the moment Mailbutler doesn’t support Inbox Pause anymore. We will update our cherished users if anything changes.

Why are my reminders not being sent to Apple Reminders

Unfortunately, Apple at the moment doesn’t allow any external plugin like Mailbutler to access Apple Reminders anymore.

So for now, it is not possible to send tasks to Apple Reminders. However, Mailbutler integrates with other Reminder apps like Todoist, Wunderlist, and Asana to make it easy for you to set reminders and follow-ups in your emails.

Can I use Mailbutler with Outlook?

Currently, Mailbutler is available for Apple Mail and Gmail. Mailbutler has not yet released a version which is compatible with Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 yet, but we are working on it. Please subscribe here if you’d like us to notify you once Mailbutler is ready for Outlook.

How does Email Tracking work?

At Mailbutler, we use the same technology that email newsletter services use by relying on a 1-pixel image in your email.

So if you activate the email tracking for a specific email, Mailbutler automatically include a hidden 1-pixel image with a unique mail-ID into the outgoing mail.

Once the recipient opens your email, the recipient’s mail client or web service sends a request to our server in order to load the hidden 1-pixel image. Our servers then collect and store the mail-ID and the date/time of such request. We, in turn, pass on the date/time and mail-ID to your Mailbutler software where it is linked to the specific email and enables the Mailbutler software to display the second checkmark in the Sent folder.

For more details, please read our privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Common Issues

If the recipient has enabled image blocking in his mail program, our tracking pixel won’t be loaded. As a result, Mailbutler won’t be able to notify you whether this person has read your email or not. Furthermore, it can’t be specified who exactly opened your email. Mailbutler only shows you that somebody opened it.

Updated on November 2, 2018

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