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How do I link my Mailbutler account to Evernote?

In order to start syncing notes with Evernote, you need to first link your Mailbutler account to Evernote.

  1. First login to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/) with your account details.
  2. You will notice your Name or Email address at the top right corner of the Dashboard. Click the drop-down menu next to your Name/ Email and select Integrations.
    Screenshot of Integrations Icon on Mailbutler Dashboard
  3. Now continue by clicking Add service.
  4. Go ahead and select Evernote from the list of Integrations.
    Screenshot of possible integrations with Mailbutler showing Evernote circled
  5. You will be redirected to your  Sign in page. Enter your Evernote sign in details and click continue
  6. Now select the duration of the integration and click Authorize to permit the integrationScreenshot of Evernote authorization page for integration with Mailbutler
  7. Evernote will now appear in your integrations list.Mailbutler integrations list
  8. You can configure the service by clicking on the settings icon next to Evernote. Now you can select the specific Notebook you want your notes to be sent to.Screenshot of Mailbutler dashboard for integration with Evernote

How to edit settings or disconnect Evernote from Mailbutler

  1. To disconnect your account or change the configuration settings, simply log into your Mailbutler Dashboard.
  2. Next, go to Integrations ( Refer to Step 2 above) where all your Integrations will now appear.
  3. Locate the service.
  4. Now click the settings icon to change the name of your account or Notebook.
  5. Click on the trash icon to disconnect the service from your Mailbutler account.Screenshot of delete and edit icons for Google Drive integration with Mailbutler

How to send notes to Evernote

To create notes with Mailbutler, kindly follow the guidelines here. After the note is created, it will be automatically saved in the Evernote notebook you specified.

Updated on 17 December, 2019

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