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Email tracking for Apple Mail and Gmail

Mailbutler email tracking tool for Gmail and Apple Mail keeps you updated on the status of your sent emails with receipt confirmations on your attachments, links, and messages. Find out more about email tracking here.

How to track emails

To supercharge your inbox with email tracking, follow the steps below to activate the tracking icon before you hit the send button.

  1.  Compose your new email
  2. Now click the tracking button which is a check mark icon like the one in the image below

Apple Mail

Screenshot of Mailbutler Email Tracking Icon in Apple Mail
Mailbutler Email Tracking Icon in Apple Mail



Screenshot of Mailbutler Email Tracking Icon in Gmail
Mailbutler Email Tracking Icon in Gmail

3. Finish your email and click on send

You have successfully activated tracking and you can see when the recipient opens your mail.

How to receive Tracking notifications

Mailbutler will show a blue double checkmark in your Sent folder if the recipient has opened the email. You can see the exact time and date at the top of the email.

A single checkmark shows that the tracking is active but the recipient hasn’t opened the email yet.

Screenshot showing Mailbutler Receipt confirmation double checkmark

Double checkmark shows email has been received and opened

In Apple Mail, you can also enable your mail notifications to allow you to receive tracking notifications by email. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Notifications.screenshot of Apple system preferences with Notifications highlighted
  2. Now select Mail from the list of Apps in the left-hand corner. Tick all the notification settings under Mail to allow you to receive Mailbutler tracking notificationsScreenshot showing Mail notification preferences in Apple Mail

Tracking Details

Here, you can see the details of how often your message has been opened, when, where and on what device. Follow the steps below to see your tracking details:

  1. First, log into your Apple mail account
  2. In your sent folder, click on the desired email
  3. Next, locate the tracked icon on the top right-hand corner of the messagescreenshot of Mailbutler tracked icon in sent emails
  4. Click on the icon to reveal your tracking details


How to Enable Tracking by Default

  1. Log into the Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/)
  2. At the top right corner, click the drop-down menu next to your email and go to Preferences

  3. Now, check enable tracking under General

You have successfully enabled email tracking by default and all your out-going emails will be automatically tracked.

How to Manage Tracking Notifications

Now that all your emails are being tracked by default, you may want to control the tracking notifications you receive. Follow these steps to enable/ disable your tracking notifications according to your preference

  1. Login to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io)
  2. In the top right corner, click the drop-down menu next to your email and go to Preferences.
  3. Under the Notifications tab, check/uncheck tracking Notifications
  4. You can now finish by saving preferences

How does Email Tracking Work

At Mailbutler, we use the same technology that email newsletter services use by relying on a 1-pixel image in your email.

So if you activate the email tracking for a specific email, Mailbutler automatically include a hidden 1-pixel image with a unique mail-ID into the outgoing mail.

Once the recipient opens your email, the recipient’s mail client or web service sends a request to our server in order to load the hidden 1-pixel image. Our servers then collect and store the mail-ID and the date/time of such request. We, in turn, pass on the date/time and mail-ID to your Mailbutler software where it is linked to the specific email and enables the Mailbutler software to display the second checkmark in the Sent folder.

For more details, please read our privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Common Issues

If the recipient has enabled image blocking in his mail program, our tracking pixel won’t be loaded. As a result, Mailbutler won’t be able to notify you whether this person has read your email or not. Furthermore, it can’t be specified who exactly opened your email. Mailbutler only shows you that somebody opened it.

Updated on August 9, 2018

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