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How do I use my Mailbutler Dashboard?

The Dashboard (bowtie.mailbutler.io) is your one-stop center to monitor and customize your Mailbutler experience.

Your Dashboard homepage

After successfully logging in to your account you will be presented with the starting page:


User Statistics

On the top you see four graphs regarding Tracking, Tasks, Send later, and Templates. The graphs show you a short overview of your usage of those features over the last 28 days. If you click on them you will be redirected to a more detailed listing of your feature usage.

Statistics for your recent usage of the four features mentioned beforehand


On the bottom left of your homepage you’ll find a timeline of your last activities similar to the activity thread in the Mailbutler app.

Picture of your timeline with the latest activities


In the middle you can find information about your current subscription status and below a quick comparison of your Mailbutler feature usage to that of the average user. Your usage is outlined in green and the average user is displayed in grey.

Your Mailbutler personality in a picture containing your subscription status and your feature usage

What’s new

In the “what’s new”- section of the page you can find articles that where recently added and might be interesting for you. Some of them are directly from Mailbutler.



Your Dashboard sidebar menu


The sidebar menu of your Dashboard offers you the option to:

Account settings in Dashboard


From account settings of the Dashboard, you can:

Updated on 6 February, 2019

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