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How do I create a task?

Mailbutler’s Tasks feature helps you to easily create tasks and attach to an email so you can remember important To Do´s. Your tasks will also be saved in any Reminder App you have integrated with Mailbutler ( Eg. Todoist, Asana, Wunderlist).

How to create tasks

  1. In your inbox, locate/ create the email you want to add a task to.
  2. Next, click on the task button to create a new task.screenshot of Mailbutler task button in Apple mail
  3. Enter the details of your task and click outside the task box to save.screenshot for saving a task using Mailbutler in Apple mail
  4. Once your task is completed, you can mark it as complete by ticking the box beside the task.
  5. Your task will be saved as a private task seen by you only.

You can also see the task in the other to do apps you have integrated with Mailbutler ( eg. Todoist, Wunderlist etc).

How to share a task with your team

  1. First, follow the steps above (1- 4) to create a task in your email.
  2. Next, click beside the tick box to reveal the sharing button. You will have the option of sharing with your team.
    Sharing button
  3. You can add a or edit your team by clicking on Manage Team.

How to add a reminder to your task

When you create your task, you can add a reminder to it so that you can be reminded of the task when it is due.

  1. Once you are done creating the task, click on the calendar icon in the task box and select a due/reminder date for the task.Calendar icon
  2. Click outside the calendar to save.

How to receive reminder notifications

To receive your reminder notifications when your task is due, kindly activate the notification option in your dashboard by following the guidelines below:

  1. First login to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/) with your account details.
  2. You will notice your Name or Email address on the top right corner of the Dashboard. Click the drop-down menu next to your Name/ Email and select preferences.
  3. Under Preferences, click on the notifications tab.
  4. Now tick the box beside Task due to enable task due notifications.Overview over all possible notification settings

Now you will receive pop-up notifications when your tasks are due.

How to manage your tasks

You can open, edit, mark as complete or delete your tasks from your dashboard or from the Mailbutler icon in your Chrome browser or on your Apple menu bar.

Manage tasks from your Dashboard

  1. First login to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/) with your account details.
  2. On your left-hand menu, click on Tasks to reveal all your tasks.
  3. To open, click on the envelope icon. Once the mail is open, you can edit the task, mark as complete, share with a team and change the reminder/due date.
  4. To delete your task, simply click on the delete icon as shown below.

Manage tasks from Mailbutler icon in Apple menu bar/chrome browser

  1. Locate the Mailbutler icon in your Apple menu bar or Chrome browser and click on it.
  2. Next, click on tasks to display all your tasks. Now you can delete, mark as complete or open to edit it by clicking on the appropriate icon.Screenshot of task bar in Apple mail menu bar

How to synchronise your tasks with external ToDo- Services

A lot of external ToDo-Services can be connected to your Mailbutler Account. To connect a service you have to go to your dashboard and add a new integration to your account.

  1.  To do so, you first open the dropdown menu on the upper-right by your name.
  2. Then you choose integrations from the list below.
  3. In the integration overview you choose Add Service in the upper-right corner.

Integration overview

Specific instructions on how to link the individual Task-Services can be found on our support page. An example for Evernote you can find here.

By adding a service you enable Mailbutler to send the tasks you create to the linked ToDo-Services. That means if you change or delete a task in Mailbutler the change will be delivered to the connected accounts and the task is automatically changed there as well.

New to Mailbutler? Join our onboarding course and learn how to make the best use of  features like tasks.


Updated on November 5, 2018

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