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How to create and manage a team

Mailbutler’s team management features allow all your team members to benefit from and share the productivity-enhancing features of Mailbutler.

What features are available for teams

There are 4 main unique Team features in Mailbutler:

  1. Team Management: This allows you to control access to your Mailbutler team account by easily adding or removing users.
  2. Mix and Match of Subscriptions: You can have different subscription plans for different team members. This is perfect for teams with varying workloads and needs.
  3. Team Statistics: With this feature, you can get an informative overview of your team’s usage of Mailbutler’s productivity features such as Tracking, Sendlater etc.
  4. Template Sharing: Prepare reusable text snippets, message templates and signature templates for the whole team to make them more productive and to unify your corporate identity.

How to create a team

  1. Log in to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io).
  2. On the left, click Teams.
  3. Click add Organization.
  4. Enter an organization name and click create. 
  5. Now you can add a Team. Each Organization can have multiple Teams, for example, a Team for Sales employees or one for Marketing.
  6. Enter a team name and click create.Screenshot of team creation in Mailbutler
  7. Click the team icon to edit your team and add teammates.
  8. Click the  + symbol to add a team member to the team.
  9. Enter their email address to send an invitation and click Save.
Please Note

Team members must be already registered on Mailbutler in order to be added to a team.

Updated on November 5, 2018

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